National Useful Energy Balance

About the National Useful Energy Balance

The Useful Energy Balance of the Industrial Sector is a study that allows a country to know which sources of energy are consumed by the different industrial branches, what it is consumed for - uses and equipment - and how it is consumed - consumption patterns and energy efficiency. It consists of a statistical study, based on field surveys, which provides fundamental information and makes it possible to draw the baseline on which the National State and the various Provincial States will develop different public energy efficiency policies that will contribute to improving the energy efficiency of industries. In this first phase, the energy consumption by source and use of the 400 largest energy-consuming manufacturing establishments in the country will be surveyed. The operation will take place between February and December 2020. Due to the unexpected situation generated by the Coronavirus, the survey will be carried out mainly remotely. This survey does not have fiscal purposes and the information provided will be kept strictly confidential. It will be used in an aggregate form for the entire industrial branch to which it belongs and never in an individually form that allows to identify the establishment.

This study is financed by the European Union, as part of the Energy Efficiency Project in Argentina (EuropeAid/138987/DH/SER/AR).


What is the Industrial Useful Energy Balance?

It is a study that, based on a survey of industrial establishments, allows to know the energy reality of the industries, which sources of energy they consume, for what uses and with what efficiency.

Why is it important to participate?

The industries selected in the sample represent all the very large energy-consuming industries in the country, and the information obtained will be used as the basis for preparing Argentina's National Energy Efficiency Plan (PlanEEAr), which will mean the implementation of actions to promote energy efficiency for industries. In addition, the participating establishments will be returned, based on the data provided, an Energy Report that will be useful for the establishment and will receive access to the Project's e-learning platform with information on energy efficiency.

How do we protect the information?

The data provided is confidential and protected by Law N° 17.622 (statistical secrecy). They will be presented in groups for the whole branch and never individually.

The survey is a 5-step process:


The industry is selected to participate in the survey
The National Technological University or the experts hired directly by the Consortium implementing the Project will contact the establishment.


The Secretariat of Energy will provide access to the survey platform.
The industry will receive its user name to enter the system, and an instruction manual to complete the requested data from the survey.


The industry completes the form.
The industry will be able to contact the "expert" for any queries they may have when completing the form.


The responses are added to the other 400 industries in the sample.
Each survey is reviewed and processed. In this instance, the Secretariat of Energy may contact the facility again to request any missing data or clarification. Once the information from all the industries has been processed, they are added together within the sample to obtain overall results.


The industry receives the Energy Report.
Once the form is analysed and validated, an Energy Report is drawn up for each establishment with detailed information on consumption by energy source, uses and equipment. This will be a tool for the industry that will serve to optimize its energy consumption and lower costs. The report will be sent by the Secretariat of Energy to the establishment. For its part, the Consortium will prepare the Useful Energy Balance for the industrial sector, which is an important input for the elaboration of the PlanEEAr.

Preliminary Energy Report

The establishments that have been selected to participate in the survey, after the information has been received and processed, will obtain an Energy Report with a calculation of the energy consumption of the different equipments and uses in the establishment, which will be extremely useful for the economic analysis of their energy consumption. Energy Report (model)