“Energy Efficiency in Argentina” is a European Union project meant to support Argentina´s efforts to modernize its energy sector through enabling environment for energy efficiency and facilitating technologies and know-how for key sectors.

  • The project will develop different activities from 2018 to 2021 and counts with a budget of 4.309.100 EUR.* EuropeAid / 138-987 / DH / SER / AR

Enabling environment for Energy Efficiency

  • » Technical Support for the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan
  • » End-Use Energy Balance for housing, industrial and transport sectors
  • » Technical Assistance for policy reforms
  • » Annual Argentina- European Union events on Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency technologies and know-how for key sectors

  • » Energy Efficiency Auditing in key industrial sectors
  • » Financing models for Energy Efficiency projects
  • » Support to municipal Energy Efficiency Plans:
  • EE for residential and public buildings
    EE in transport fleets
    EU-Argentina matchmaking event
  • » Showcase state-of-the-art technological EE solutions and best practices.
  • » Development of a National Energy Efficiency Plan and the required policy and regulatory framework.
  • » Technical Assistance for:
  • adopting standards and labeling schemes for buildings and vehicles
    introducing energy management in industry, transport and public sector
    strenghtening participation in international and multilateral work in EE.
  • Support to shape a more sustainable, environment-friendly and efficient energy sector.