Transport survey

Within the framework of the project, an Intercept Survey of Private and Non-Public Collective Transportation Travel will be carried out in Public Service Stations.


Gather data on fuel consumption and the routes of motor vehicles by intercepting them at service stations, at the time of refueling.
Obtain indicators that contribute to measure the fuel demand by automotive vehicles, with valid results at national level, based on a stratified sampling.

Geographical area covered

The entire territory of Argentina, with an estimate of 45,000 surveys to be carried out.

Target groups include drivers of the following types of vehicles:


  • » Sedan-conventional (private vehicle, taxi or “remise”)
  • » Sports utility vehicles (SUV)
  • » Motorcycles
  • Light and heavy cargo vehicles

  • » Pickup-Vans (up to 4-ton payload)
  • » Trucks without trailer (4-8 ton payload)
  • » Truck with trailer or semi-trailer (more than 8-ton payload)
  • Transporte de pasajeros de servicio no regular

  • » Collective transport vehicles for non-regular passengers (schoolchildren, “combis”, tourism, etc.).
  • What is the purpose of the survey?

    Obtain a characterization of the vehicle by the driver: typology, year of manufacture, fuel used and type of use (private, commercial, general / bulk cargo, passengers)

    Obtain information on the current and previous fuel load and the mileage between both loads

    Find out the total mileage of the vehicle

    Register the origin-destination of the displacement made (in progress)

    Register the residence place of the respondent