By Simona Obreja 24 Octubre 2019

The methodology to develop a National Plan for Energy Efficiency through a consensual and validated process has been published

The methodology that will be applied in the elaboration of the proposal of the proposal of the National Energy Efficiency Plan (PlanEEAr) of the Government of Argentina is based mainly on design and implementation of energy policies guidelines of ECLAC / OLADE / GTZ (2003) and OLADE (2017) and on the energy efficiency roadmaps of the International Energy Agency.

This methodology was developed by a team of experts of the project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina”, funded by the European Union, which aims to contribute to the structuring of a more efficient national economy in the use of its energy resources by decreasing the energy intensity of the different sectors of consumption.
The Methodological Guide presents the essential steps to be replicated at different governmental levels to design energy efficiency policies, plans or programs.
A fundamental aspect that stands out is that the elaboration of the efficiency plan must be done in a participatory manner, incorporating the opinions and suggestions of the key actors of the public and private sector, in order to have a consensual and validated proposal. In this sense, and given the federal characteristic of Argentina, the involvement of provincial actors and the possibility of promoting a federal energy efficiency network is an important aspect.
Another relevant aspect is to identify the border conditions in which the proposed instruments will be implemented. Finally, identifying the technical measures and best practices that can be implemented, as well as the barriers that prevent these measures from being implemented will be essential. Only a good diagnosis that allows a correct identification of barriers can lead to the proposal of more adequate promotional instruments.
The “Methodological guide for the elaboration of a National Energy Efficiency Plan in Argentina” is available on our website:

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