By Simona Obreja 11 Noviembre 2019

Closing successfully in Rosario the country's first Energy Efficiency Learning Network

For one year, professionals from 11 industries in Santa Fe shared energy efficiency measures with the advise of experts from the State Secretariat for Energy of the province, the Undersecretary for Energy Saving and Efficiency of the Nation, and the European Union, within the framework of the cooperation project "Energy Efficiency in Argentina".

The result of this work was presented on November 6 in Rosario, thus closing the Learning Network of Santa Fe. Secretary of State for Energy, Verónica Geese states on this: "In Santa Fe we have large consumers of energy, industries that consume a lot and could significantly lower their costs and move towards a process with higher certification of ISO standards to address energy efficiency on a permanent basis and not just as isolated conduct as a consequence of increasing the tariff. These industries, based on the information they share, became more competitive”.
José Luis Larrégola, energy efficiency expert from the European Union, stresses that the companies in Santa Fe have the common objective of reducing energy consumption: "We have been working for a year in six workshops to this end, providing energy analysis tools and guidelines to improve energy performance. This is not a one-off issue, as ISO allows us to consolidate savings over time, regardless of who is in charge of the organisation". Larregola complements his explanations, commenting that in Europe "we have very strong directives that force us to reduce energy consumption under covered taxes which puts more pressure to implement management tools.
What is a LEARNING NETWORK? In early 2018 companies integrating the Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Systems (EMS) Learning Network (RdA) started working together with the objective to implement an EMS under ISO 50001 that will allow them to improve their competitiveness through optimal use of energy.
In the province of Santa Fe, 11 companies integrated the network: Fric-Rot S.A.I.C., Molinos Río de la Plata S.A., Frigorífico Paladini S.A., Cargill, Acindar (Rosario based), Acindar (Villa Constitución based), Spirax Sarco Argentina, Alimentos Refrigerados S.A. (Córdoba based), Successors of Alfredo Williner S.A. (Ilolay), Válvulas Fadeva S.A. and Arcor S.A.I.C. (San Pedro based).
The Network is a collaboration methodology that brings together different actors with a common objective, using the exchange of experiences as well as the technical expertise offered by experts. In the particular case of the Energy Efficiency Learning Networks, their objective is to improve the performance of their member organizations by promoting the implementation of Energy Management Systems (EMS).

The companies analyze their energy performance by sharing information on the network, they set a joint goal based on the identified improvement potentials and meet periodically to exchange experiences, consultations and progress in workshops.

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