By 27 Noviembre 2019

The results of the Energy Audit were presented to the Treasury Palace

The public presentation of the results of the Energy Audit carried out at the Palacio de Hacienda (Treasury Palace) was held at the Microcine.

The potential of energy savings in the historic building of 38,000M2 that houses the Ministry of Finance since 1937 were shown under the coordination of the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Nerio Peitiado, the political representative of the Embassy of the European Union in Argentina, Mr. Jordi Garcia and the European expert Jose Luis Larregola.
The audit was carried out by energy administrators of the main National Public Buildings in the framework of the implementation of the Rational and Efficient Energy Use Program (PROUREE) in the National Public Administration buildings, with the aim of promoting continuous improvement in the actions carried out in the field of energy efficiency and energy management.
After four meetings, a preliminary Energy Diagnostics was carried out, collecting previous documentation, studying in detail the characteristics of the buildings, with special attention to characteristics of the envelope, analyzing the existing facilities and equipment, making measurements and records of its main operating parameters and evaluating the proposed solutions from an economic perspective hoping to obtain energy savings.
Undoubtedly, this is a very important contribution that will encourage several other public buildings of different government levels to carry out studies that reduce their energy consumption, being responsible not only with state resources but also with the environment.

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