By 24 Febrero 2020

Energy Efficiency in Building: Sustainable Systems and Technologies. Transfers of lessons learned

Among the main speakers we can highlight Mr. Federico Martí (president of the College of Civil Engineers), Engineer Alfredo Caprile (Coordinator of the EU project "Energy Efficiency in Argentina"), Mr. Sergio Devalis (CEC Coordinator); Mr. José Luis Larregola (European expert in sustainable buildings); Mr. Raúl Karpowicz (Deputy Director, the Energy Institute) and Ing. Dario Squeff (Environmental Engineering Expert). 
Representatives of the recently created Energy Institute of Civil Engineers propose Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies as one of the main objectives to be developed this year.
On the other hand, the Institute of Sustainable Cities and Communities addresses the issue of Environmental Building Labeling, taking into account the existence of a preliminary draft law for the province of Córdoba.
Additionally, the Institute of Education, Training and Continuous Education plans to generate links with the different specialized academic offers, in order to teach courses, diplomas and postgraduate courses to the Civil Engineers of Córdoba.
Energy Efficiency is taking strong relevance in the Province of Córdoba, and consequently many activities are being organised in order to address it transversaly. The Civil Engineering College is being extremely proactive.
At the same time, the EU project "Energy Efficiency in Argentina" is developing a Learning Network in Energy Management for the industrial sector with 12 companies from the province intergrating it.

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