By 18 Junio 2019

Tafi Viejo promotes saving energy resources

Experts from the European project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina” held a day of lectures on renewable energies, alternative energies, policies and new techniques with the aim of optimizing the use of energy in all areas.

Among the participants, we can mention: the European expert José Luis Larregola Ferrer, energy auditor for Energy Efficiency, Santiago Yanotti, the Head of the Single Agency for Control and Regulation of Public Services of Tucumán (Ersept), province and municipal officials, and secretaries of planning of the municipalities.

"We think it is fundamental to set Energy Efficiency as State policy and promote it, encourage it and help lower the emission of carbon dioxide in the environment and the electricity bill. This week we are receiving the visit of national and regional hotel chains, representatives of the European Union, and we began to diagnose public buildings such as The Maternity and the Legislature of Tucumán", declared the head of Ersept.

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