By 31 Marzo 2020

COVID-19: We continue working on the implementation of an Energy Management System for the industrial sector in Argentina

In the current confinement situation, both at national and global level, and wanting to keep active the implementation and operation of an Energy Management System, the 60 companies participating in the 5 Learning Networks will be invited to participate in online trainings.

There are currently 5 Learning Networks ongoing in the following provinces: Santa Fe, Tucumán, Córdoba, Buenos Aires (Pilar Industrial Park) and Misiones. 
These trainings will focus on cross-cutting topics, regardless of the degree of progress of each of the networks and the size of the companies.
• Energy training for the staff involved; raising awareness training for the general staff.
• Legal Requirements in the Implementation of the Management System (only for companies with a clear objective to obtain the ISO 50001 certification)
• Study cases: Action Plan and Measurement Plan
• Statistics applied for the Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Verification of Savings
With these actions, we do not only try to mitigate potential consequences of the COVID-19 confinement, but we also try to validate the companies in the Networks that have already finalised (Santa Fe and Tucumán) in their activities within the Management System Operation and in particular, the companies that have decided to obtain the ISO 50001 certification.
In addition, these actions will allow us to accompany the Networks that are still in the training period, so that they can advance technical content that adds value for the practical part and mainly maintain the interest and motivation of their members.
We appreciate the high degree of commitment of the participating companies and especially our excellent team of experts: 
• José Luis Larregola - Key Expert and Coordinator of the Action.
• Marina Assandri - Moderator.
• Claudio Carpio - Auditor technician.
• Andrea Afranchi - Expert in the implementation of ISO 50001.
What is an Energy Management Learning Network?
A Learning Network (RdA) is a collaboration methodology between different actors who pursue a common objective, using the exchange of experiences and the technical support offered by experts.
 + INFO: 

The Energy Management Networks aim to optimize the energy performance of the organizations that comprise it. They are made up of 10 - 15 organizations that set a joint goal based on the identified improvement potentials and meet regularly to exchange experiences and progress.

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