By 20 Mayo 2020

Launch of the Virtual Training of Energy Management Learning Networks

The virtual trainings of the Energy Management Learning Networks were launched today with a total of 99 participants

In case you missed it, you can access it on our YouTube chanel:
Under the coordination of our moderator Marina Assandri, the Spanish Expert Jose Luis Larregola and Ing. Alejandro Primbas as representative of the National Directorate of Renewable Energies of the National Secretariat of Energy, the virtual training courses of the Learning Networks in Energy Management were launched.
The call was undoubtedly unbeatable. We have had the presence of representatives of the 60 companies that are part of our networks, staff from the National Energy Secretariat, from other provincial organizations and from INTI.During the presentation, all the documentation already included in the E-Learning Platform was shown along with the explanation of the methodology to be used in the next meetings.
Our main objective is to mitigate the consequences of the isolation resulting from COVID 19, and keep all the companies in the Networks connected and make them evolve in the implementation and operation of their SGEn based on the International Standard ISO 50001: 2018.
Currently, five (5) Learning Networks are active in the country in the provinces of Santa Fe, Tucumán Córdoba, Buenos Aires (Pilar Industrial Park) and Misiones, each consisting of an average of 12 companies of different sizes and sectors.
These courses will be developed over a period of three months with biweekly meetings, where we will delve into the concepts of identifying energy inefficiencies in industrial complexes and ways to mitigate them.
The teaching team is made up of the professionals who have been with us since March 2018:
• Ing. José Luis Larregola - Principal Expert in Industrial Networks• Lic. Marina Assandri - Moderator, expert in participation dynamics.• Ing. Claudio Carpio - Technician in Energy Diagnosis of Industries• Engineer Andrea Afranchi- Expert in Implementation and operation of energy management systems.
We will continue uploading on this channel the recordings of all the meetings.

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