By 04 Agosto 2020

The Pilot for Efficient Management of Transport Fleets in Rafaela has been launched with the participation of authorities from the Secretariat of Energy, the Secretariat for Ecosystem Development of the Province of Santa Fe, the Institute for Sustainable Development of Rafaela, the National University of Rafaela and the National Technological University.

Ing. Guillermo Martin, National Director of Renewable Energies, Ministry of Energy, highlighted the commitment of the Santa Fe Province, through its participation in the Learning Networks for the industrial sector, the Energy Efficiency education sessions and the development of transport fleets.
The main objective of this pilot is to promote energy efficiency in the transport sector, in this case, in the fleets managed by the municipality, through the management of the main indicators, detecting savings opportunities and implementing the necessary measures to obtain them.
The aim is to include approximately 140 vehicles of various types (minibuses, garbage collection trucks, cargo vehicles, etc.) to carry out an initial diagnosis of the fleet, establish the baseline on which we will work and train the personnel involved to implement actions that reduce fuel consumption.
There are already three transport fleets undergoing this process and we hope to have successful experiences, both in implementation and results, so that these good practices can be replicated in the rest of the country.

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