By 19 Junio 2019


The Oil Industry, through the Argentine Association of Fats and Oils (ASAGA) was invited to participate in activities organized in the framework of the European cooperation project "Energy Efficiency in Argentina". The project will provide technical support to effectively carry out the actions required in the sector.

As part of the objective of improving the competitiveness of industrial sectors, through the efficient use of their energy resources, ASAGA invites its members to participate in the project, answering the surveys planned to measure how they consume energy. Each participating establishment will receive an energy report that will indicate its energy baseline and its main savings opportunities.The Vice President of ASAGA, Pablo Martí, met with Marco Bergel, National Director for Energy Efficiency Promotion, María Belén Goñi from the Undersecretary of Energy Saving and Efficiency, and representatives of the European project in Argentina to strengthen collaboration between the public and private sector in order to obtain a consensus on the necessary policies and instruments to improve the competitiveness of the national industrial sector.The project seeks to generate a more competitive national industry by reducing energy consumption and, consequently, its operating costs through efficient public policies. The objective is to know how much energy is consumed and how it is consumed in order to quantify the savings potential through making a Useful Energy Balance.

Sector energy diagnoses will be carried out in order to identify opportunities and advantages for each sector.Following, a National Energy Efficiency Plan (PlanEEAr) will be drawn up, consisting of a strategy by sub-sector for 2030, agreeing on the necessary instruments to achieve the objectives based on reliable information.

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